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Allegro microsystems specializes in the design and production of advanced mixed signal IC. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of sankenelectric Co., Ltd. The company has 30 years of semiconductor production experience, mainly for OEM manufacturers to provide system level IC, applied in automotive, industrial, computer and peripheral equipment and consumer fields. Allegro Microsystems is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, has two wafer factories in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, and has assembly and testing factories in the Philippines. The processes supported by Allegro include bipolar, CMOS, DMOS and emerging technologies such as BiCMOS (bipolar + CMOS), BCD (bipolar + CMOS + DMOS) and Dabic (Digital + analog + BiCMOS). Allegro can combine two or three processes on one chip to provide a powerful system level solution. The main products are automobile IC, LED drive circuit, motor drive circuit, Security IC, portable device IC, bridge and half bridge drive circuit, high voltage peripheral device power IC and display drive IC, power interface drive IC, power drive IC and pmcms, etc.